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Are you curious to learn more about the natural environment? Curiosity Saves the Planet is an environmental education website that strives to break down relevant science and research, making these topics accessible to all. Learn more about the environment, conservation efforts, biodiversity, ecology, and read diverse narratives from people who approach sustainability in ways new to you. We hope to provide you with awareness about the natural world, so you can think critically about how your decisions and daily actions impact the environment, so you can make changes that are right for you on your sustainable journey. Our goal is to deliver educational content without the side of guilt or doom because none of us are perfect, but together we can make changes both big and small to ‘save the planet.’ Don’t forget to visit Curiosity Saves Travel for sustainable travel resources. 

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Check out the hottest content in environmental education. They’re hot, but don’t worry, they are keeping in line with the Paris Agreement.

India’s Sustainable Traditional Practices

An ongoing guest series showcasing sustainable traditional practices from India that you can incorporate for a more sustainable lifestyle.

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