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Curiosity Saves the Planet is a sustainability, conservation, and environmental education website that strives to break down the gap between science and research to make these topics easy to understand, accessible, and seem not so scary. We will cover the latest environmental news, conservation projects, unique and colorful biodiversity, and give you practical information and solutions to make decisions and take action for a better future. You will find narratives from people with a unique connection to nature and learn how people worldwide approach sustainability in ways you may have never considered. Here at Curiosity Saves the Planet and Curiosity Saves Travel we strive to bring your practical resources based on research, diverse opinions, and fact while not giving into the practice of shaming or excluding.

Evoke Curiosity

To inspire folks to get curious about saving the planet. Curiosity Saves aims to bridge the gap between the latest in environmental, climate, and sustainability research, and you, the general public, in ways that are easy to understand. We aim to include diverse voices in the environmental movement to connect the world as we all strive for a healthy population and planet. We provide you the tools to think critically and understand the environment, then it’s up to you how to best apply those to your lifestyle. 

Positive Changes

We foster an inclusive community united by useful and helpful global content and perspectives that demystify environmental topics We are here to provide a positive atmosphere focusing on the colorful and beautiful biodiversity of our planet. We’re kind of over the doom and gloom that leaves us with crippling anxiety and inability to take action. We prefer to focus on positive changes, unique solutions, falling in love with Earth’s biodiversity, education, and learning new ways to connect to the environment.

Relatable & Trustworthy

We value trustworthy research and authentic, diverse perspectives from people impacted by climate. Our content is researched, often with academic papers, providing objective and well-balanced content. Our opinion and personal perspective pieces amplify diverse voices and stories worldwide to help our community see things in a new light. We hope you will learn to see the wicked problem of sustainability – one that doesn’t have a simple one-sided solution. We don’t just cover charismatic species like tigers’ or white western-centric solutions. We’re not all perfect zero-wasters and we are on this journey with you and to learn from you. We strive to be balanced, shame-free, and imperfectly conscious of our impacts on this planet.  


We are always looking to include a diverse range of expert and leading voices in environmental education. Read more details on how to pitch a guest post.




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